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Atonik Digital is a global, professional advisory firm working with clients in the media, entertainment and telecom sectors to effectively position them within the digital space. We formulate and implement business and growth strategies across the value chain.
Go to Business Optimisation & Market Positioning

Business Optimisation & Market Positioning

Through a mix of creativity, technical expertise and analytical thought, we ensure your organisation is effectively positioned in the digital space

Content Strategy & Development

We get to know your audience and work with you to develop a multi-channel content strategy, leveraging quality creative assets and the latest innovations in adTech and mediaTech

Go to Customer & User Acquisition

Customer & User Acquisition

We build relationships with customers and users through a targeted digital activation strategy leveraging compelling creative and content

Go to Market Entry & Implementation

Market Entry & Implementation

In coordination with our legal partners, we help you identify the right structure for your business and advise on all aspects related to setting-up a team in new geographic markets

Go to Partner Identification

Partner Identification

Leveraging our relationships, and with a solid understanding of your business, we identify the right partners for you in the market so as to position you for maximum success

Product Development

We can assist with the development of mobile applications, websites and other digital platforms to both support your traditional business, or as a new stand-alone business

Go to Digital Communications

Digital Communications

Developing the right messaging around your product, we align with the values, needs and beliefs of your target audience to get them talking about you

Go to Investment & Venture

Investment & Venture

We support digital companies seeking Chinese capital as well as China-based investment opportunities

The Atonik Story

Atonik is a mechanism of success....

The word ATONIK means to accelerate growth. It often refers to a plant stimulator used to generate a higher yield of crop.

ATONIK DIGITAL is a stimulator for your business, generating a higher return on your investment in a digital strategy.

We are an in-house partner for companies within the Media, Entertainment and Telecom sectors. Unlike other consultancies, we position ourselves in your offices...intimately getting to know your business - your strategy, your team, your approach and your way of thinking.

Our methodology fuses the specific needs of our clients with rigorous business analysis, leveraging our understanding of the current state of the industry and market trends to determine where you best fit within the eco-system. We help you sense and shape market opportunities ahead of the competition and position you for growth.

Of course, it should go without saying that our approach is tailor made for each client according to their specific market needs.

The Atonik Team

The team has broad-based experience across the TMT sector, having structured transactions and developed growth strategies for television, film, radio, telecom and fashion firms in both emerging and developed markets around the world.

Nathalie Lethbridge

Founder & Principal
Nathalie is a content and platform strategist with significant global experience building content, VoD, television and digital businesses. She has a background across content and multi-screen strategy, production distribution and acquisition.

Jason Keiles

Director & Principal
Jason has a track record of delivering a broad range of revenue creation initiatives through joint venture and acquisition deal structuring, complex international negotiation, capital raising, business restructuring and operational P&L oversight. He has a reputation of building trusted relationships at Board and C-levels to deliver compelling results.

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