October 5, 2016


Atonik is a mechanism for success

The word ATONIK means to accelerate growth. It often refers to a plant stimulator used to generate a higher yield of crop.

ATONIK DIGITAL is a stimulator for your business, generating a higher return on your investment in a digital strategy.

Our Approach

Atonik Digital is an in-house partner for companies within the Media, Entertainment and Telecom sectors.

Unlike other consultancies, we position ourselves within your offices and integrates into your business strategy, team,  approach and way of thinking.

Our methodology fuses the specific needs of our clients with rigorous business analysis, combining our understanding of the current state of the industry and market trends with the DNA of your business to maximise growth, challenging your team to think differently and setting a course for market leadership.

Of course, it should go without saying that we do not implement a "one size fits all" approach and do tailor each of our assignments specifically to each client and the demands of the market.

Our Founder - Nathalie Lethbridge

Nathalie Lethbridge is the Founder and Principal of Atonik Digital, a streamed entertainment and content strategy consultancy based in London. A renowned international expert in Pay TV, streamed entertainment services, content, mobile and converged digital media, Nathalie has extensive experience in business and content strategy, as well commercial negotiations across the traditional and digital/OTT content ecosystem. Nathalie is currently advising a selection of leading innovators in the delivery of content services and platforms including telecommunication companies seeking to transform their content offers. Nathalie’s experience as a senior executive and advisor to  leading global entertainment companies and streamed entertainment innovators on all sides of the table such as Disney, NBCUniversal, Hulu, Vodafone, Virgin Media gives her the unique  perspective on the ever evolving content ecosystem.

Nathalie is a regular speaker and contributor on the changing nature of digital entertainment. This is a product of her expertise in the commercial and content strategies of both traditional and digital media across multiple international markets. She has a passionate interest in the evolving world of digital entertainment and the issues raised by the converging of traditional media companies, digital platforms and Telcos.

She is a dual French Australian national, born in New York and raised in Australia, Asia and Europe, residing in London. Her exposure to international cultures and change has been a major contributor to her ability to navigate international clients and changing commercial imperatives to deliver positive commercial strategies and insights.