January 5, 2017

Practice Areas

The Future is Now

We link strategy, innovation and technology in ways that master complex business challenges to deliver sustainable results for our clients.

Technological innovation is rapidly transforming businesses, markets and everyday life, and our clients are at the forefront of this digital revolution. Understanding our clients' business environment and strategic aims is key to us delivering value and miximising ROI.


Driven by increased adoption of cloud-based services, a strong demand for content and other differentiators in a crowded market and industry consolidation and the threat of cable entrants, telecom companies need to align strategy and operations closely to be positioned for success in a continuously evolving sector.

We advise our telecom partners on growth strategies, honed by analytical rigor and expertise developed over of years of industry experience.

Media & Entertainment

Platforms and channels are converging, new digital players are disrupting traditional business models and audiences are more fragmented then ever.  Atonik Digital is well placed to help companies not only manage these challenges, but leverage them to their advantage...and thrive in this exciting environment.

We work with out partners in the M&E sector to develop and execute strategies that take advantage of an integrated and expansive landscape. From content providers and aggregators to advertisers, distribution players, and access providers.


Companies across the technology sector are facing disruptive changes driven by the emergence of new technologies, such as virtual reality.  In addition, social, mobile analytics and other digital technologies continue to evolve.

Our breadth of experience within the digital tech sector, positions our clients to meet challenges head-on, implementing new business models and integrating relevant technology to improve business efficiency, improve their product offerings and maximise ROI.