atonik digital provides a leading edge in streamed entertaimment


Our Story

Atonik Digital has a multitude of experience in delivering resonant solutions for the creative arts, including film and television. We're interdisciplinary, media-neutral and seasoned enough to know that sustainable success requires collaborating with smart, focused and energetic people committed to worthwhile goals. Based in London, and with associates and resources across the UK, Europe and Americas regions, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to envision, create, capture and communicate value.

  • Through a mix of creativity, technical expertise and analytical thought, we ensure your organisation is effectively positioned

  • We build relationships with customers and users through a targeted digital activation strategy leveraging compelling creative and content

  • In coordination with our legal partners, we help you identify the right structure for your business and advise on all aspects related to setting-up a team

  • Leveraging our relationships and understanding of local market practices, we bridge the gap between east-west cultural differences to identify the right partners for your business to maximise success


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